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There are few things worse than having a business you love and being hit with a slowdown in the economy. It doesn’t matter if that slowdown is affecting everyone at the same time or if it is simply a temporary seasonal downturn. Coming up with ways to attract new clients can be difficult, but it can also allow you to be more creative in your approach to marketing.

One way of reaching out to more people, as well as connecting with other professionals, is to offer at-home spa parties. The possibilities are endless, ranging from simply offering massage to various aesthetic services, a yoga class or even including entertainment such as tarot readings. Portable spa services can be done in private homes and at offices as a service to employees.

Here are some suggestions for starting what could turn out to be a very lucrative business:

  • Decide what kind of services you would like to offer. Do you want to stay strictly with massage, or include aesthetic services such as facials and manicures? Do you want to make it more of a party atmosphere with tarot or palm readings? Or, do you want to get into product sales?
  • Contact other professionals who may be willing to join with you. Get everyone together and brainstorm about putting together a cohesive business plan.
  • Plan a menu of services. Think in terms of themes, whether they will be for a specific event such as a bridal shower or, more general, such as an afternoon of fitness. Provide as wide a range of services as you feel comfortable.
  • You can offer package deals, with several services at a better price or ala carte items allowing the client to pick and choose services. Do you want to offer chair massage, table massage, reflexology, skin care treatments or makeup instruction?
  • Put together an attractive brochure, listing the packages, services and prices. This needn’t be expensive. Personal computers and specialized software make creating promotional material relatively easy.
  • Take the brochures and post them in health food stores, gift shops, bridal shops and doctor’s offices (such as ob/gyn), to name a few. Mail them to local businesses and colleges, and remember to follow-up with phone calls.
  • Decide where you want to offer your services. How far do you want to travel? Do you want to go to private homes, businesses or hotel suites?
  • The services you offer will most likely determine who your clients will be. Offering pre-natal massage or bridal shower pampering will bring women, while bringing massage services to a local insurance office will most likely bring a mix of men and women.
  • When offering a package deal, be sure to provide the whole experience. Bring relaxing music, candles, scents – such as essential oils or flowers – and provide small favors – such as mini spa kits. You can even bring a selection of herbal teas, juices or bottled water. Spa robes and slippers are also a nice touch.
  • When you determine your pricing, don’t forget to include travel and setup time. Some businesses will even include a percentage for gratuities. You can include these as an additional cost or figure them into your overall package price.
  • With package deals, determine a schedule for the various services. Have clients sign up when they arrive and offer enough so that everyone is kept busy.
  • When the spa party is over, remember to take everything with you including any trash that may have accumulated. The only things you should leave behind are business cards and brochures!

Providing mobile spa services, especially during times when business is slow, cannot only bring you an additional source of income, yet it can also introduce you to potential new clients for individual massage. It can be a fun and creative way to enhance your business.

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