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Holiday Marketing Tip #1

Consider gift certificates. There are numerous websites in which one can create gift certificates, either for free or for a small monthly fee. Also, gift certificates can be created via both the AMTA and AMBP member sites. The influx of income can help counter financial stress created by holiday demands.

Gift certificates are a great way to market your massage practice during the holidays.

Professional Insight

Establish a maximum number of gift certificates you will sell. If you sell too many, there are potential issues which arise.

  • If you service all people with gift certificates in the same time frame, will this bump your regular clients off their normal schedule routine?
  • Will this create too much work during certain weeks causing you potential physical burnout?
  • Will you need to give up a day of other activity with family and friends to accommodate an influx of gift certificate recipients?

Holiday Marketing Tip #2

Create package deals for clients. If you are trying to increase your volume of clientele, be sure to create several packages to attract many people.

Professional Insight

Consider these two ways to view package deals.

  1. Do you discount your fee from your base rate? This will look attractive to new clients. However, how much will these new clients value you in the future? Many people will get used to “a really good massage” at your discounted rate and find it difficult to pay more “for your same massage” in the future.
  2. Do you “add on” to your base rate, providing extra time or upgrades for the same fee? This will better ensure future clients value you at the rate you wish. Also, perhaps the upgrades will be enjoyed so much clients will feel they need to purchase these items more often.

Holiday Marketing Tip #3

Consider partnering with a local charity. This spirit of generosity will be appreciated by many in your community. Goodwill from a space of sincerity can highlight the best virtues of yourself and your business.

Professional Insight

Keep this effort simple by supporting one charity. Your time, energy, and finances can be spread too thin selecting multiple charitable organizations. Your caring heart may want to help as many as possible, however your intentions will be best felt focusing on a single charity.

Invite members of this organization to visit your facility. Forging this relationship, which may continue for several years and yielding many referrals via “word of mouth” advertising.

Holiday Marketing Tip #4

Give samples of products you sell as “stocking stuffers.” If you sell retail products of any type, this will be an effective means to showcase these products in a “non-pushy” way.

Professional Insight

Adding a retail sales element can be an effective boost to your business income. Even if you feel uncomfortable selling products, any holiday sample offering throughout the year can be an easy way to introduce these products without coming across negatively.

Add a Christmas flair to these samples for a gift, which will be positively perceived by clients. Tying a ribbon with a special offer written upon the product will be an added bonus to clients.

Holiday Marketing Tip #5

Consider hosting a holiday party at your location if space permits. Even a small gathering serving loyal clientele can make a significant impact with party attendees.

Professional Insight

Hosting a holiday themed party can be manageable. Order simple food selections, such as sandwiches and fruit. Before deciding on a food choice, consider the potential for messes upon floor surfaces. Be sure to offer a variety of options including vegetarian and vegan options.

A raffle held for a product or massage enhancement will make this event more enticing. At the least, showing appreciation will be an endearing gesture.

Holiday Marketing Tip #6

Consider handing out chocolate and similar holiday treats. Treats are in high supply this time of year, so finding a wide assortment of options is not difficult.

Offer holiday treats either within your treatment sessions or afterwards.

Professional Insight

Offer holiday treats either within your treatment sessions or afterwards. During treatments, you may want to have a treat upon the table and have a client reach for said treat during a stretch. This may enhance stretching efforts, making them more fun in the process.

After sessions, offering a treat can be a kind gesture as long as you are not pushy in your offering. This can also be a good opportunity to cross promote another small business in your area.

Holiday Marketing Tip #7

Use cooling agents, herbs, and essential oils to enhance the “cold Christmas season” image of the season.

Essential oils can enhance the “cold Christmas season” image of the season in your massage practice.

Professional Insight

Using cooling agents and essential oils will add value to your services. The first offering may be initially free but be sure to charge for these upgrades in the future.

Examples of Ayurvedic herbs to cool the body include:

  • Sandalwood
  • Rose
  • Amalaki
  • Neem
  • Coriander

Essential oils to cool the body include:

  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Neroli
  • Tea Tree

Be sure to complete a formal class on essential oil and herb usage before employing these items into massage practice.


One final note about marketing one’s massage practice entails the concept of evolution. As a year ends, it is healthy to reflect on how you have grown in the past year and where your next potential growth lies. Consider which continuing education classes you may wish to attend. Create “teaser” advertisements that generate enthusiasm for a new service you will soon be offering. Many clients will share in your enthusiasm of experiencing a new treatment.

Evolving your practice is healthy, especially if you live in a competitive marketplace with a large number of massage therapists and establishment in your vicinity. Create the space for the growth you wish in life. Allow your marketing to showcase your present and future growth. You will very likely witness a healthy shift in your clientele, which will appreciate your evolution of skill and maturity as a practitioner.