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Ethics: Resolving Workplace Conflict


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1 CE Hour - E446
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Ethics: Resolving Workplace Conflict
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  • Online Video - 59 minutes
  • Online Manual - 42 pages
  • Online multiple-choice test
  • Certificate upon completion


Conflict is an inevitable aspect of both personal and professional life, often arising from differing perspectives and unmet expectations. In this online course Amy Bradley Radford, experienced massage therapist and educator, provides a comprehensive understanding of conflict resolution techniques and the application of professionalism in the context of the massage therapy practice. Drawing upon personal experiences and ethical decision-making principles, participants will learn to navigate conflicts with co-workers, supervisors, and clients effectively.

This course focuses on ethical training and conflict resolution tailored specifically for massage professionals. Participants will examine topics such as ethical problem-solving, boundary setting, professionalism, and effective communication strategies. You'll gain insights into navigating workplace conflicts with confidence and professionalism.

Concepts Discussed:

  1. Understand the principles of ethical decision-making and their application in resolving workplace conflicts.
  2. Develop strategies for maintaining professionalism and positive workplace relationships.
  3. Explore the importance of defining expectations and setting boundaries in massage therapy practice.
  4. Learn to identify and address common causes of workplace conflicts, such as gossip, negativity, and differing belief systems.
  5. Acquire practical techniques for fostering a supportive and respectful work environment.
  6. Gain insights into effective communication strategies for resolving conflicts with colleagues, supervisors, and clients.
  7. Cultivate empathy and understanding in dealing with diverse perspectives and personalities in the workplace.
  8. Apply ethical principles and professional standards to promote peace, mindfulness, and positive change in the workplace.

Join Amy in learning how to cultivate a more satisfying and harmonious work environment in the massage therapy profession. Understand the keys to resolving conflicts with integrity, empathy, and professionalism, and improve your practice.

Course Objectives

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of ethical decision-making principles and their practical application in resolving workplace conflicts, including identifying and addressing common causes such as gossip, negativity, and differing belief systems.
  • Develop effective strategies for maintaining professionalism, fostering positive workplace relationships, and creating a supportive environment through the establishment of clear expectations and boundaries in massage therapy practice.
  • Enhance communication skills to effectively navigate conflicts with colleagues, supervisors, and clients, while cultivating empathy and understanding to promote peace, mindfulness, and positive change in the workplace.

Course Reviews

Stephanie Johnson, LMT



Amy Bradley Radford, LMT, BCTMB

Amy Bradley Radford, LMT, BCTMB

Amy Bradley Radford is a board-certified massage therapist (BCTMB) and an NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider specializing in teaching creative business solutions and advanced pain-management applications for massage therapists.

As a massage therapist since 1993, Amy continues to see clients at the table utilizing her innovative Pain Patterns & Solutions (PPS) methods. She also coaches massage professionals as well as other service-related employers, helping them achieve their next level of business success. Radford has served with the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards as a CE course evaluator and has worked in several different massage schools, one of which she owned, inside a small, local hospital in 2004.

Amy is the creator and instructor of The Ethics of Professional Relationships, Ethics: Massage Etiquette & Communication, Ethics: Boundaries & Time Management, Ethics: Neutral Space, Client Care & Boundaries, Touch Interpretations, Meet Client Expectations with Massage Your Market Training and Ethics: Resolving Workplace Conflict.

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