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3 CE Hours - E416
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  • Manual - 57 pages
  • Multiple-choice test - if you prefer to complete this program online please select the "Fully Online Materials and Test" option
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Research is overwhelming for many of us. We are unsure of how to begin, where to go for information and what qualifies as a 'good' source. We may not fully understand the different types of research or how to go about formulating a research question, never mind designing a research study. This course will give you the basics in terminology and an overview of concepts and theories behind the subject of research.

As a massage therapist, it is vital that we keep up to date with recent studies regarding the effects of massage or any other topic that affects our ability to assist clients. Unfortunately, research and how to search for it or how to assess and question the results of research studies is not consistently taught in massage school.

Through this course you will:

  • review the history of research.
  • discover the ethical considerations of research - working with human subjects and HIPAA issues.
  • differentiate types of research - compare and contrast qualitative vs. quantitative research.
  • examine the issues of research including researcher bias, questions of interpretation, and informed consent.
  • learn the steps in the research process:
    • formulating a research question.
    • performing a literature review: scholarly vs. popular periodicals.
    • choosing methodologies for research.
    • presenting findings: getting published and peer review.
  • evaluate research studies based on evidence presented.
  • recognize resources for research and locate primary sources.

Course Objectives

  • Review the history of research.
  • Discover the ethical considerations of research – working with human subjects and HIPAA issues.
  • Compare and contrast qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Examine the issues of research including researcher bias, questions of interpretation, and informed consent.
  • Learn the steps in the research process: formulating a research question; performing a literature review; choosing methodologies for research; analyzing data; presenting findings.
  • Evaluate one example of a research topic.
  • Determine considerations for evaluating research studies.
  • Recognize resources for research and locate primary sources.
  • Ascertain the applicability of research skills to your massage practice.
  • Review resources for further research.
  • Understand important research terminology.

Course Reviews

Valerie Angeloro, LMT, BCTMB

What I thought would be "dull" subject matter, broadened my perception and understanding of research. I had't really considered the impact of political, social and economic aspects in formulating and carrying out research nor the power differential that exists. The research example was pertinent and well designed and the reference material very helpful.

Laurie E. Deamer, LMT

This study was much more interesting than I anticipated. I recently applied for a healthcare job that includes research, which intimidates me; however this course started to demystify the research process for me. Thank you!

Georgene Echelard, LMT, BCTMB

This class awakened in me a whole new perspective about what I can do to make a difference. Thank you for putting this class together, and thanks to all those who had the idea that all of us massage therapists can participate in such research.

Kathryn Carter, CMT, NCTMB

I have always been bored to tears when it came to research. But I found myself interested in this presentation. I learned a lot about what research is and feel easier about delving into articles now. This is a keeper for me to review. Thank you.

D. Taylor, LMT

Comprehensive guide into starting the complex task of valid "research," finding out if it (the subject) has been evaluated and how and if the results are what you were looking for. I believe this is a valuable course and a valuable tool.

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Leslie DeMatteo, MS, LMT

Leslie DeMatteo, MS, LMT

Leslie L. DeMatteo, LMT, MS, has been an active massage therapist since 1998, after graduating from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in Sarasota, FL. There she completed the massage therapy program along with a certificate program in Nuad-Bo-Rarn: Traditional Massage of Thailand.

Since then, she has completed continuing education in cranial-sacral fundamentals, cancer and mastectomy massage, reflexology, trigger point therapy and prenatal massage. She is also certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and is a Professional Level member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).

Her work in massage therapy continuing education and teaching in a massage school ignited a passion for adult training and education, which led her to pursue her Bachelor's Degree in Adult Learning: Vocational Instruction, followed by her a Master's Degree in Adult Learning.

Ms. DeMatteo is the instructor for many of the Institute's courses including such courses as Advanced Prenatal Massage, Ethics of Diversity. Cupping Therapy: A Step-by-Step Approach, Diversity: Cultural Competence, Mastering Pregnancy Massage, and many more.

Linda Fehrs, LMT

Linda Fehrs, LMT

Linda Fehrs attended both the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy in New York – a state with some of the most rigorous licensing requirements in the U.S. – and also served as an instructor at the Hudson Valley School of Massage.

She is a professional member of the AMTA and the New York State Society of Medical Massage Therapists. Linda has actively practiced massage therapy in the Mid-Hudson Valley since 2002 with a focus on medical massage and massage for those with special needs, such as developmental and physical disabilities.

Ms. Fehrs has authored such courses as Build Your Massage Practice, Cancer & Massage, Women & Massage as well as Marketing Massage and the Economy.

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