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Mastering Thai Massage

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11 CE Hours - E630
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Mastering Thai Massage

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  • Video - 197 minutes
  • Text - 224 pages
  • Multiple-choice test
  • Certificate upon completion


Traditional Thai massage techniques date back to the 17th century. Influenced by both yogic and Ayurvedic traditions, Thai massage offers techniques that combine various stretches and presses which address many of the pathologies presented by clients.

The Mastering Thai Massage program gives you a systematic, easy-to-follow guide to traditional Thai massage. By reading the course text and reviewing the DVD, you will be able to follow along with master Richard Gold, PhD, LAc, as he explains and performs a Thai massage session. The course covers:

  • The history and origins of Traditional Thai Massage and situations in which it can be used.
  • Rules, methods and techniques used in traditional Thai Massage.
  • Basic body mechanics and stances as well as the rhythm, flow and patterns used in Thai Massage.
  • Various Thai Massage sequences and stretches for the entire body.
  • Techniques used in 60, 90 and 120 minute Thai Massage sessions.
  • The correlation between Thai Massage procedures and Yoga Asana terms.

The course video Mastering Thai Massage features over 3 hours of instruction covering over 170 detailed techniques. Each technique is clearly demonstrated showing proper alignment, positioning and proper body mechanics so that pressure can be applied effectively and effortlessly.

Covering traditional Thai stretches, work on the Sen energy lines and abdominal massage, Mastering Thai Massage is one of the most comprehensive programs available.

Course Objectives

  • Explain the history and origins of Traditional Thai Massage and identify situations in which Thai Massage may be used.
  • Identify the body’s Sen lines (energetic network).
  • Explain and demonstrate the rules, methods and techniques used in Traditional Thai Massage.
  • Describe the basic body mechanics and stances used in Thai Massage.
  • Explain the rhythm, flow and patterns used in Thai Massage.
  • Understand the contraindications and precautions common in Thai Massage.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Thai Massage sequences for use on legs and feet, abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck, arms and face with client in supine position.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Thai Massage sequences and stretches for legs, hips, back, arms, hands and fingers with client in lateral recumbent position.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Thai Massage sequences and stretches for feet, legs, back and shoulders with client in prone position.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Thai Massage sequences and stretches for shoulders, neck, back and face with client in a seated position.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of 60, 90 and 120 minute Thai Massage sessions using techniques explained in previous chapters.
  • Understand and explain correlations of Thai Massage procedures and Yoga Asana terms.

Course Reviews

Yvette Guzman


At first I was not happy of a DVD part of this course, but now I see it is a supplemental tool , which now I am so happy to have, Thank you

Ellen Feldman, LMT


Loved the course. Already used it in practice.



This is my second course I've taken with Integrative Health Care.. i like how efficient the whole process is. Will continue taking courses and recommend to others as well.

Alison Lynn Schultz, LMT


Very cool stretches that I believe would be very beneficial/supportive for the client to feel refreshed, relaxed, and have more flexibility and less discomfort!

Tamia Treesong, LMT


It was nice to receive 2 different DVDs, but it added to the confusion of what to watch when. I love the subject and demos, but it was a lengthy subject for self directed study. a study plan ,worksheets or syllabus would have been helpful.

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Linda Fehrs, LMT

Linda Fehrs, LMT

Linda Fehrs attended both the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy in New York – a state with some of the most rigorous licensing requirements in the U.S. – and also served as an instructor at the Hudson Valley School of Massage.

She is a professional member of the AMTA and the New York State Society of Medical Massage Therapists. Linda has actively practiced massage therapy in the Mid-Hudson Valley since 2002 with a focus on medical massage and massage for those with special needs, such as developmental and physical disabilities.

Ms. Fehrs has authored such courses as Build Your Massage Practice, Cancer & Massage, Women & Massage as well as Marketing Massage and the Economy.

Sean Riehl, CMT

Sean Riehl, CMT

Sean Riehl has been a bodyworker since 1998 when he completed his training program through the Body Therapy Institute in California and subsequently served as an instructor there. Certified in Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Neuromuscular Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, Myofascial Release and Shiatsu, Mr. Riehl established Real Bodywork in 2000 producing high-quality, professional, instructional massage and yoga videos. With over 40 video titles, Real Bodywork is the preeminent producer of videos in the massage training industry.

Mr. Riehl is author, co-creator and instructor on various Institute courses including Neuromuscular Therapy & Advanced Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Myofascial Release, Advanced Anatomy & Pathology, Clinical Massage Therapy, Integrative Massage: Earth, Fire and Spirit, Nerve Mobilization and more.

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